Suction Machine

February 27, 2009

Suction Machine

Suction machine is a portable medical apparatus used in wards and theatres for aspirating fluids and vomit from the mouth and airways, and from operation sites by sucking the material through a catheter into a bottle. The devices which operate from piped vacuum supplies or bottle gas cylinders could also be reffered as suction machines. Suction machine is usually an electric unit which contain a vacuum pump (piston, diaphragm, or rotary vane), bacterial filter, vacuum gauge, trap for moisture (or any debris accidentally drawn into the mechanism), a reservoir for the aspirated material, and a suction catheter or nozzle. They may be intended to provide hih or low vacuum, and high and low flow rates. Low vacuum is used for post-operative wound drainage.

A glass bottle with volume marks up the side is the main reservoir of the suction unit and generally fitted with a float valve so that the vacuum is cut off before the bottle becomes full enough to allow the contents to be drawn into the pipework of the pumping mechanism. However, frothing of the contents can sometimes defeat the float valve mechanism.

Various types of models are available. We found following types of models of suction machines at the website of Narang Medical Limited:

– Portable Suction Units
– Electric Operated Suction Unit
– High Vacuum Suction Machines
– Electric cum Manual Unit
– Suction Units Manual
– Hand Held Suction Units
– Pipe Suction on Trolley
– Wall Suction Manual Units
– Vacuum Extractor

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